Here in our bar, we invite you to join the Hunt and see where you end up

”When the winter winds blow and the midwinter fires are lit,
it is best to stay indoors, safely shut away from the dark paths and the wild heaths.
Those who wander out by themselves during the midwinter nights may hear a sudden rustling from the the tops of the trees – a rustling that might be the wind, though the rest of the woods are still.
But then the barking of dogs fills the air, and the host of wild souls sweeps down, fire flashing from the eyes of the black hounds and the hooves of the black horses”
This spectral, nocturnal horde was the ”Wild Hunt”. It was recorded in folklore all over northern Europe and Scandinavia.
In Denmark and Sweden it was known as Oskoreia (Terrifying ride) or Odenjakt (Odin’s hunt) as it was often connected with Odin during the darkest hours of the night.
Anyone who found him- or herself outdoors at night during this time of night might spot this ghostly procession – or be spotted by it, which might involve being carried away and dropped miles from where you have been taken from.
However other used various methods to join the hunt voluntarily, as an intangible part of them flew off with the cavalcade.”

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