The classics

Old Fashioned 100 KR.
Whiskey Sour 100 KR.
Gin Sour 100 KR.
Espresso Martini 100 KR.
Organic Caipirinha 100 KR.
Negroni 100 KR.
Bloody Mary 100 KR.
Russians - Black or white 100 KR.

Our own creations

Lillet & Tonic
This pre dinner cocktail is for those who like something a little light to begin with. Low on alcohol but high in flavour!
100 KR.
Sif’s Embrace
Sif - the golden haired - was wife of the mighty Thor. Lets honour her with this golden coloured cocktail of aperol, grape and bubbles.
100 KR.
Toast of the Vanir
The Vanir had a war with the Æsir. Little is known that it was acutally whether Gammel Dansk or Snaps was best. The Vanir believed it was Gammel dansk with chambord
100 KR.
Toast of the Æsir
The Vanir had a war with the Æsir. Little is known that it was acutally whether Gammel Dansk or Snaps was best. The Æsir believed it was Snaps and Anitca
100 KR.
Ray from Bifröst
The rainbow bridge - Bifröst - connects Asgaard with Midgaard. This cocktail reflects the magnificent red colour through hibiscus and Diplomatico anejo rum.
100 KR.
Odin’s Gaze
One-eyed Odin - king of the Æsir - was not one a mere mortal could lock eyes with. Similar, this tequila driven cocktail is not one to be approached carelessly
100 KR.
Idun’s Apples
The Gods stayed young by eating the apples provided by Idun. This cocktail contains both Apple Snaps, applejuice, and honey. A cocktail a day keeps the doctor away
100 KR.
This cocktail returns to you again and again to slam youwith the combination of Sloe snaps and Amaretto. Sweet but hard hitting.
100 KR.
Freyr’s Harvest
Freyr - God of harvest and fertility - have this cocktail as his favorite. Rye whiskey, Thym and honey let both harvest and fertility come forth.
100 KR.
Muspelheim (Winner of Wild Hunt competition)
The fiery south have brought this cocktail of Linie Akvavit and blackberry. It will bring fire to your heartsand you won’t be able to stay away from it.
100 KR.
Herbs of Yggdrasil
The world tree - Yggdrasil - connects the whole universeand at the very top the grazing animals enjoy the thyme and gin pools. You should too.
100 KR.
The First Word
No one are quite sure what the first word was. We think it was ”I like this beverage! ANOTHER!”
100 KR.
Feather of a Raven
Hugin and Mugin - Odin’s two ravens - often flew around in the blizzards. When they dropped feathers, white and black, similar to this drink, cream, vodka and chocolate on top.
100 KR.
Speed of Sleipner
Sleipner - Odin’s 8-legged horse was known for its incredible speed. Odin’s secret was vodka, chestnut and espresso.
100 KR.
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